Photo Gallery

Major mold growth.

This photo was taken in a customers basement. Their hot water pipe was leaking making the basement very humid and wet for days which caused the mold growth throughout. Our crews extracted all the standing water and started the mold remediation process. 

If you see mold growth or think it is mold give our office a call! 


Sump pump back up

While the homeowners where on vacation their sump pump went out and flooded their basement with sewage water. Our crew was out quickly after the call came in to start the clean up and restoration work. 

Major sewer back up.

When your sewer drains back up and make a mess give the professionals a call! We will clean and sanitize every affected area properly. 

Our crews have seen it all and are not scared to clean your mess. 

Carpet removal

This home experienced flooding in their basement from a sump pump back up. The carpet, pad and drywall are being removed. We will treat the concrete floor and set drying equipment.

Major water damage at a local hotel

A pipe busted and affected three floors of this hotel. SERVPRO was called and a crew was out to begin work around 5am.

After a long morning we finished extracting the water, removed baseboards, made small holes to dry the inside of the wall and set up all the drying equipment.

Sewer damage clean up

The pipes backed up at a local Walgreen's; so they called us to come out and clean it up. 

We had to remove shelves and product to clean underneath as well as clean and sanitize the shelves that were affected. 

Aftermath of Hurricane Michael

We sent a few crews down to Florida to help clean up after the hurricane hit. They helped many people and saw some very destroyed homes. 

As you can see the storm left this home very damaged. Our crews went in and cleaned up all the debris, did demo, dried the homes out and treated them so mold would not grow. 

Cleaning up after Hurricane Michael

SERVPRO sent a few crews down to Florida to assist in the clean up after Hurricane Michael hit.

Here is Robyn working card cleaning up the debris left after the storm!

Getting ready for a water damage.

Richard is setting up plastic to protect the gymnastic mats from our equipment. In this photo we are at a local gym extracting water from under their mats from their sump pump failing.  

Water extraction

Richard is in a small space today extracting water from under gymnastics mats at a local gym. We will squeeze into any space to help you in your time of need!

Mold remediation

The process for mold remediation varies for every job. For this job the drywall and insulation needed to be completely removed. Once all removed we spray our mold disinfectant on the studs and wall to help prevent any future mold growth!

Loading equipment for Florida.

We sent a crew to Florida to help clean up from the hurricane. SERVPRO has a storm team and sends many franchises to help any state after any type of disaster that strikes. 

Extracting water out of the carpet.

As you can see in the photo there is a different shade to the upper right side of the carpet. That is where we have already extracted the water out of the carpet. Sometimes it doesn't look like the carpets are too wet until we start running our wands over them. Extracting as much water from your carpets will lessen the chance of mildew smells and mold growing. 

Soot and smoke left from the fire

As you can see their major damage from the house fire. This area of the home was the closest to the fire. Fires are scary but you can trust our crews to help remove damaged structure and clean up your contents. 

No matter what day or time we will work!

SERVPRO will be at your home or business in the middle of the night if you need us. We understand disasters can happen at anytime and are always unpredictable!

When disaster strikes call us at 618-233-1289

Garage and house fire from a close by burn pit.

This garage caught fire from the home owners burn pit being too close. One day burning their worse nightmare happened. The garage and upper level of their home suffered major damage.

Please check your surroundings before starting any fire and make sure water is always close by!

Flooded home is no match for us

A pipe burst in this home causing the home to flood while the owners were on vacation. Floors started to buckle and the ceiling in the basement started to fall. If you experience any water damage in your home give us a call!


Crew training night

Our professional staff is always learning more! We have training nights to freshen up on all carpet and upholstery cleaning, duct cleaning, remediation techniques and more. These training nights help us prepare for any disaster!

We have a new box truck!

We have recently invested in a new box truck! Our crews are very exited to get it out and use on carpet cleanings and water damages.

Call us for your next cleaning or water damage!


Lightening burns attic during a storm.

Lightening is very dangerous. As you see in this photo a lightening bolt can do a lot of damage to your home or business. The attic is full of soot and burnt wood and the home has a heavy smoky smell. Nothing our professional crew cant handle!

Flooded basement clean up

Mike is pulling out the wet pad from a customers flooded basement. After pulling all of the wet pad our crew set up fans to dry out the concrete and carpet. 

Water damage from the recent storm

A family experienced a frightening incident during the recent storm. A tree fell on their home causing a hole in their roof. Water then came in and leaked from the upstairs to the downstairs kitchen! As you can see the homeowners placed tubs and buckets to catch as much water as they could. Our crews are working hard to restore their home back to the way it was before!

Large birds nest in a customers attic

The photo is a large birds nest in a local businesses office. They had just bought the building and started moving their items in. Did you know SERVPRO removed and cleaned up after animals? Our crew will go in and remove the nest, insulation and sanitize the area. 

If you have an animal issue in your attic and need it cleaned, give our office a call! 618-233-1289

Sewer back up

Heavy rain for a long period of time can cause your sewer to back up. Don't worry; our crews are trained and available 24/7 for service. We will work hard to make it look "Like it never even happened."

Cleaning a sewage back up

SERVPRO of Belleville-O'Fallon received a call that a home's sewer backed up due to all the heavy rain we have had lately. Luckily not much damage was done. Our crew came out quickly to start the cleaning and drying process. 

If this unfortunate event happens to you give us a call at 618-233-1289

Soot left after a fire

Fire can cause more damage then just burning your home and belongings. It can also cause soot damage on many of your belongings. Our crew is specialized in fire damage restoration. As you can see in this photo this child's toy was affected by the fire that occurred in the home. Our crew worked hard and cleaned all the belongings that were affected! 

Equipment set to dry out a water damage

For this job our crews were called out to work on a fire and water damage. This room was affected by the water that was used to put the fire out in the conjoining room. Luckily this room was not affected by the fire! Our crews extracted the water and dried out the customers room. 

Closet affected by a fire

As you can see in this photo there is soot and smoke damage left from a fire that happened in this closet. Our crews worked hard to remove the smell and clean the customers room to make it look "Like it never even happened."

The dangers of Mold

If you notice mold in your home do not mess with it, or try to clean it by yourself. You can spread the particles around and inhaling that is very bad for your health. Please give us a call and let our professionals take care of your mold problem. 

Sewage back up

Heavy rain fall can cause your sump pumps to back up. We understand that it is devastating and also gross, so our crew will work hard and quick to get it cleaned up and "Like it never even happened."

Flooded crawl space

Heavy rain for a long period can cause flooding in your home. If you have a crawl space be sure to check it after a storm. As you see in this photo this crawl space had a lot of water in result to the rain storm. 

Mold growing in result to a water damage

If you see visible mold, do not disturb it. You can inadvertently spread the mold infestation throughout your home. When mold is disturbed, the mold can release microscopic mold spores which become airborne and can circulate inside your home.

Soot and smoke damage left from a fire

As you can see in this photo this door has soot and smoke damage from a fire. Our crew will work hard and clean every area affected by a fire in your home or business. 

Equipment set to remove the fire smell

Unfortunately this business suffered from a fire. Luckily the fire wast to extensive and we were able to restore the area and remove the fire smell. The equipment you see in the photo is what helped remove the fire smell in this business.  

Cleaning a ceiling affected by a fire

If you look on the bottom left side of this photo, you can see there is a cleaned area of the ceiling. This room was affected by a plug in fan catching on fire. When a fire happens in your business we understand how important it is to restore your business quickly. Our crews will work around the clock to make sure you are back in business as soon as possible. 

Equipment set to dry out a water damage

Having a water damage in your business is very stressful. Our crew is available 24/7 for services for any emergency. In the picture we have equipment set up at a local business to dry out their wet areas affected by the water damage. Don't hesitate to call! Let our crew be in there as soon as possible to make it look "Like it never even happened."

Sponging a ceiling affected by soot and smoke

Our crew was called out to clean up a fire damage at a local commercial property. The fire occurred in just a little closet, but made just enough smoke and soot for the walls and ceilings to be affected. We worked very hard to clean every wall, ceiling, floor, and any place affected by the fire! 

Drying out a water damaged home

Our crew was sent out to a home that had a lot of water damage. We set up fans and dehumidifiers to make their home look "Like it never even happened."

Cleaning a molded garage

Working hard to clean a customers garage that had mold growing in it. Our grew wiped down all surfaces in the garage to get rid of the mold. Mold is not something you want to ignore. If you see any sign of mold please give us a call at


Cleaning fire damaged contents

We not only clean your home after a fire damage; but we also clean the contents that were in your home and affected by soot and smoke.

The photo shows one of our ladies working hard to get this photo album looking "Like it never even happened." 

Mold growing in result to a water damage

Mold can grow quickly from just the smallest amount of water in the home. Unfortunately the water damage at this customers home caused mold to grow on the walls and doors. This home needed a complete demolition of all walls, ceiling, and flooring.  

Setting equipment in a crawl space

For this particular water damage our crew had to set fans in the crawl space to dry it out. It is important that all the wet areas in your home are dried completely to prevent mold growth.  

Metro East Home & Garden Show

Our Marketing Representatives Katie and Steve set up a booth at Metro East Lutheran High School's Home and Garden show. They handed out pamphlets and note pads to the people who attended, as well as discussed all of our services. 

Toy and food drive

It is the season of giving.  SERVPRO employees donated new toys and canned goods to Ministries Unlimited in Troy, Illinois.  The food and toys were delivered to the charity this week.  

Ozone chambers

We are in the process of building several more small ozone chambers in our warehouse.  These chambers are used to help rid our customer's belongings of odor due to smoke or other types of damage.


Our green SERVPRO billboard makes it easy to spot us if you are passing by on interstate 55/70.  Our warehouse facility is located in Troy, IL and can be reached by taking exit 18.  

Annex building

This annex building is located at our facility in Troy, Illinois and is used to store belongings that are affected by fire or water damage.  This building is also used when customer do inspections of their belongings after the items have gone through the cleaning and deodorization process.

Self-contained storage units

These self-contained storage units are located next to our warehouse facility in Troy, Illinois and are used to store belongings that are damaged by fire, mold, water or other unforeseen circumstances.

Our facility

This picture is of the SERVPRO of Belleville-O'Fallon warehouse facility, which is approximately 20,000 square feet.  We are located in on a frontage road in Troy, Illinois which runs along interstate 55/70.